Sunday, December 18, 2011

Adopting Linus Circle of Trust

After a tiring long 6 year on-off war in my ADempiere project about 'trust' within a stable branch of codebase, I was led to discover how Linus Torvalds, the Lord of the GNU Kernel did it.

I then setup the same Circle of Trust he talked about in my own space. Those other admins are whom i just met on the road to Berlin from Paris, trekking through Austria.

Why do I suddenly trust them? Well they help me do things in this wondrous project and played wonderful hosts and we had face to face discussions which let us communicate and share better or best rather than online forums mostly. They also trusted my role as the 'benevolent leader'.

In fact we first met via online forums and chatrooms within our Open Source ERP project. But politically wise (beyond just these peers) I am always aligned to the best coders in town which is Carlos Ruiz and Low Heng Sin. So I have extended my circle into Rings of Trust extending quite viral throughout the world.

You can easily smell that from the Jenkins stack we setup based on our little roadmap and works.

(Pcitures: TOP - taken by Dietmar Berlinger of Austria of us having our own mini barcamp in Volker's (right) home office in Kempten, South Germany. Later, Thomas Bayen (left) topped it up by inviting us to his Krefeld home higher north.
RIGHT - Those rare sessions with the almighty coder, Low Heng Sin who happens to stay 20 minutes drive away from my Kuala Lumpur farm.
LOWER - (To be put up later a prized photo with the omnipresent Carlos Ruiz in Bogota, Colombia which i am due to visit next month from January 4th till February 14th 2012, compliments of Thomas Bayen) (Finally i arrived! And posted this last photo. So now i have completed this big circle!).

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