Saturday, December 03, 2011

The ADempiere Wars - Institution and Dictatorship in Open Source Project

Oops, I done it again! I started WWIII in the ADempiere Project. Well, once a Darth Vader, always a returning Vader. And this time I am surprised there are still many Star Wars 'Empire Strikes Back' supporters out there, prompting me for a takeover and I promptly put up this notice.

Wait a minute. If what I am saying which is that the ADempiere e.V Foundation setup at my prompting in Berlin with proper by-laws and elections is too business-like, deaf, dumb and many other Oxford terms i could muster, then how come I have control of the URL? Well, uh... I hid it upon retirement when them authorities dropped by to search my home from brick to brick for the last remnant of our freedom and dignity.

Today many people in my community shudders if I had given that URL back, putting all eggs in one basket, as ADeV has also taken control in the dark of the night the ADempiere Inc, USA and brand. As John Lennon's Imagine song goes, "But I am not the only one..". I read a blog, that suggest its OK to keep such assets in another basket. So that is why during the founding days in 2006 I placed the bigger asset in Carlos Ruiz of Colombia.

Now, I want to make one clear remark about Benevolent Dictatorship. Firstly there is equal potential fault with Dictatorship as with Democracy. But what can be evil in both rules are not some trigger happy Saddam or US Marine, but an inept closed door execution of power. A Democracy can be equally cruel, vicious, deadly, suppressive, fatal, humungous, audacious, blatant, deaf, dumb and many other Oxford terms I could muster. A dictatorship like Linus can be really great as the person is open, swears outside the Queen's English, approachable and can tolerate Big Mac.

What is important is finding the right person for the job and having the streets wide enough for any eventual popular uprising to take place, just in case. Which, by the way seems to be the popular choice to make a statement in most modern spick-and-span democracies.

The ADempiere project has voiced in an anarchic fashion of their preference to return to the good old days when I was up there, inefficient but effective, clumsy but loved, always siding the top contributors, always allowing reverts of bad code, always allowing just anyone to walk in and shake my hand and sit right next to me. In fact the person who removed my admin rights was the one whom I gave the admin rights without much ceremony. Of course this time he quoted some obscure dubious convention and rule of a central command and control that is the answer to my previous anarchic rule.

Just that this new institution often do not show a human face. They show their own (interpretation of) by-laws, made in the 'silence' outside forums, without chat logs and excuses of busi-ness busy, while our top contributors slogged at it, code by code, swan egg by swan egg, feeding the masses including the Animal Farm new occupants.

Now when I open my mouth and stated a desire to return to anarchic rule, they cited need to stick to democracy, and when we started nominating citizens that supported us, they began demanding for immigration papers, and when we began exposing bad code in trunk, they cited loss of business as a direct consequence of my foolish expose. They even use Godwin's Law. I have this to say back:

To hell with your business. This is a Bazaar. 'THIS IS SPARTA!!!' would sound really cool, but I have no fight with the Persians. Just those democrats.


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